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Scrape product details such as Product Name, Description, ASIN, Pricing, Customer Reviews, Ratings, Specification, Bestsellers Listings, and other product-related data from Amazon domains. We extract country-wise domains like Amazon US, and Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, and many more. Download the scraped data in CSV, XML, and JSON formats.

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Scraping Amazon Product Data using Retailgators

Retailgators helps you scrape data from all websites like Amazon. It’s specially designed to make data scraping a totally painless exercise. Retailgators needs no coding, just let us know your requirements and Retailgators will scrape them for your dataset. With Retailgators, it’s easy to scrape product data such as product’s name, rating, specs, pricing, description, as well as other product-associated data from different Amazon domains.

Features of Retailgators

Point & Click Selection.png
Point & Click Selection

Extract thousands of amazon product pages having same HTML through Retailgators.

Bypass Blocking.png
Bypass Blocking

You will never get blocked so no need to have extra proxy or built-in proxy support.

Different Formats.png
Different Formats

You can download data in Excel, CSV, and JSON format.

API Available.png
Amazon API Available

API is available to incorporate scrapped data for your business procedure.

Scraping Schedule.png
Scraping Schedule

Scrape latest information by setting scheduler on monthly, weekly, hourly, or daily basis.

Country-Specific Data.png
Country-Specific Data

You can scrape country-specific data like Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon DE, etc.

Script Available.png
Script Available

Get ready-made script to fulfill your data scraping requirements.

Scrape Mobile App Data.png
Scrape Amazon App Data

Easily scrape mobile app data to fulfill your mobile app scraping needs.

Use Cases of Amazon Data Scraping

Scrape Product Prices Info Images etc from Amazon.png

Scrape Product Prices, Info, Images, etc. from Amazon

  • For any e-commerce business, you need all the product details, prices, descriptions, and images from Amazon.
  • It could be very challenging to have images and product descriptions from different manufacturers. This would be time-consuming to physically copy data as well as images from the manufacturer websites but this is also not feasible. You just can’t wait on a manufacturer to provide the details and images forever.
  • With Retailgators, you can routinely scrape images and data which are ready for uploading to your site.
Automate Competitor Monitoring Process.png

Automate Competitor Monitoring Process

  • You can’t visualize any business without comparison of competitor prices as well as their products.
  • You have to continuously monitor it to exercise your own strategies. You have to check the product accessibility. You should monitor Product promotions and Special Offers as well as track different deals provided by the competitors for similar products you are providing.
  • Retailgators can assist you with routinely and automatically scraping competitor prices, color, product variation sizes, and product availability from Amazon.
Scraping Product Data Through Listing.png

Scraping Product Data Through Listing

  • You might require product data from particular listing pages including ‘best seller’ or ‘through search keyword’. Here, you will require an accurate instrument, which can fetch those product details.
  • Retailgators’ connecting functionality is specially designed to deal with the challenges in terms of scraping such particular product associated data.
  • You can repeatedly scrape infinite product data about: Best sellers, By Category, Highest Reviewed, Only Refurbished, Subcategory, By ASIN, Only Prime, Through Product Page URLs, By Brand, Through Search Keyword, Through Seller / Store Name.

Mobile App Scraping

  • Get Brand Value Analysis of various sectors including Restaurants, Telecom, and IT using our mobile app scraping services.
  • Our mobile app scraping services are helpful for both iOS and Android app developers to know the sensible data utilized in mobile apps.
  • We utilize app location for scraping mobile apps as well as scrape exact data encompassed of future customer apps.

Amazon Data Scraping Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all solution because different merchants have different resources and goals. Here are the key approaches to get data from Amazon:

Script Development.png

Script Development

The advantage of writing a script is that you can organize them as per your requirements. Writing a script indicates that you have sufficient coding knowledge. In case, Amazon changes the current structure of web pages that happens sometimes, the script might stop working as well as you will have to change it accordingly.
Amazon Scraping Software.png

Amazon Scraping Software

It provides you freedom of solving different tasks and needs lesser tech knowledge. Different software apps generally come with step-by-step tutorials that help you set the crawler to your own. However, you need to invest time in learning as well as the scraping process itself. You need to configure that properly to reproduce human behavior as well as avoid getting banned by the Amazon, particularly if you require to scrape a huge amount of data.
Special Tech Team.png

Special Tech Team

It is a very good solution whenever you have to scrape huge databases constantly from various resources, including Amazon as well as whenever you have customized tasks that can’t get solved with general software.
On-Demand Services.png

On-Demand Services

This is the best option when you require one-time scraping, you are the non-tech person, or you are not having time to examine the individualities of scraping software. The benefit of on-demand service is, you will pay for the results – scrapped data.

On-Demand Amazon Data Scraper

Retailgators is the service, which offers the required data from Amazon on-demand. This can be utilized by an online merchant when he or she requires to scrape Amazon listings. The procedure of getting the data consists of man easy steps:

1. Identify the URL as well as the data you wish to scrape from the product pages in an order form. You may do product scraping:

  • In a Definite Category
  • Bestsellers
  • By Brand, Manufacturer, or Other
  • Optimization Services
On-Demand Amazon Data Scraper.jpg

2. Identify what data you require to get. This can be:

  • Product Title
  • Description
  • Pricing
  • Product Variations, for example, color and size variation names
  • Image URL
  • Additional product images

3. Amazon shows product details given by the manufacturers. Also, there are tons of important user-generated data. Retailgators can scrape it for you.

4. Review the Sample Output File.

You will get the file in 24 business hours. You may review it as well as make corrections if any before we extract the whole listing. You will also have the estimate of full data scraping.

Review the Sample Output File.jpg

How to Scrape Amazon Product Data?

Create Retails Web Scraping API in 3 Easy Steps



Enter a website URL you'd like to scrape data from.


Organize scraper with point-on-target components.


Retrieve data via API and JSON within seconds.
Why Retailgators?
Fast & Easy
Anybody who understands how to search can scrape. You need to Point and Click on desired data as well as run Retailgators to scrape them within seconds.
Customized Setup
Customer Support Team of Retailgators does all the work for set up, maintenance, monitoring, and delivering high-quality data.
Bypass Blocking
Our Platform is capable to deal with complex Ajax or JavaScript websites, IP blacklisting, and CAPTCHA.
Data Schema
Retailgators makes data accessible in different formats like CSV, JSON, Excel) or API integration to do data delivery.
Highly Scalable Architecture
Retailgators’ highly scalable architecture is capable to scrape thousands of web pages regularly.
Latest Technologies
We leverage the latest technologies to take care of your web scraping requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Build Scrapers through Retailgators to Scrape Amazon Product Data?

Well, at Retailgators, you will have three options: Customized Amazon Data Scraping Services, Amazon Data Scraping API, and Amazon Mobile App Data Scraping. You can either scrape data using our Amazon Data Scraping API or Mobile App Data Scraping or you can let us know your specific requirements and we will scrape data according to that.

How to Schedule Scraping Data Frequency Like Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or Hourly?

To schedule scraping data frequency on a monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly basis, a scraper, you can let us know for custom requirements and we will schedule as per your need. For API and Mobile App Scraping, you can use the given options to set frequency.

I'm Having Problems in Getting Data. What's wrong?

You may need to alter scraper’s set up to find data. Try these options: Allow JavaScript, Choose Data using CSS and Xpath Selector, and Contact Us for More Assistance.

Can You Provide a Custom Scraper to Me?

Yes, definitely. We will create scrapers according to your requirements. Please let us know your requirements.

Are You Sure Retailgators is the Best Option for You?

If you are not, then contact us and we will help you get the right Web Data Scraping Solutions for your requirements.