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Today, ‘pricing’ has become the most powerful aspect of consumers’ buying decisions across different merchandise groups. Our Pricing Intelligence solutions are specially designed to offer timely, precise, and actionable perceptions of product pricing for all the opponents.

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High Points

Real-Time Pricing Intelligence for eCommerce Enterprises

Today, buyers can easily match pricing across various e-commerce websites and buy from the lowest-priced retailer. At Retailgators, we analyze how a product’s price is compared to similar products of the competitors. You may also twist the product prices that are priced too low or too high. We track the competitors’ prices from retail and e-commerce websites like eBay, Walmart, or Amazon and their separate websites with Pricing Intelligence.

  • Actionable Insights
  • Custom-made Visualizations
  • Observe Historical Prices
  • Tracking Pricing Movements
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Attributes & Advantages

How Retailgators Can Benefit?

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We drive operational pricing for thousands of products to maximize revenues and margins as well as generate the necessary pricing awareness amongst the shoppers. We continue to have a healthy and competitive pricing position for the products across various categories, brands, and product types. We also recognize and work on different areas in which competitive price position might be optimized for generating more sales or driving expected pricing perception.

  • Competitor’s Product Comparison
  • Get Product Insights
  • Maintain Healthy Prices
  • Seamless Integration
Why Choose Retailgators?

Why Retailgators is the Top Pricing Intelligence Services Providers?

We energize data as often as you’d like to get updated data and you will sensibly get pricing changes alerts and notifications so that you may respond rapidly. We incorporate effortlessly with an internal price system through APIs as well as analyze the past competitive pricing trends. You would get a comprehensive view of the competitor’s price strategies for all periods to monitor pricing movements.

  • Currency Normalization
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Personalized Reports
  • Smarter Pricing Decisions
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Use Cases of Retail Pricing Intelligence

Monitoring Real-Time Competitors Pricing.png

Monitoring Real-Time Competitors Pricing

  • Scrape news from thousands of data sources to examine references, informative research, etc. You can do it without making thousands of scrapers using innovative news detection platforms.
Scraping Multiple Product Features.png

Scraping Multiple Product Features

  • Collect Job Postings from careers pages as well as job websites across the web for building Job Aggregator websites, research, as well as job posting analysis. Use job postings for staying ahead in the race.
Product Collection Analysis.png

Product Collection Analysis

  • Perform background research for businesses’ or individuals’ reputation using crawling recognized online sources and apply sentiment analysis as well as text classifications on collected data
Pricing Suggestion - Product Repricing.png

Pricing Suggestion / Product Repricing

  • Get real updates on Pricing, Product Availability, as well as product data from e-commerce sites using web crawling at traditional intervals. Take real and smart decisions to be price competitive.
  • Get Well-Structured, Meaningful, and Usable Data - Get Started Now

Process of Price Intelligence



Hand-shake connections have been created between the potential customers and our Business Team


Potential customers exchange data and our Business Team consult them using expert advice


Acquiescence & Technical professional examines the recognized business requirement of the potential buyer.


Prospective Buyer confirms the obedience details to permit engineering teams to start Implementation


The delivery team arrange the standard services to make sure the customer’s delight
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Beat Expectations

Create a strong and long-term association with the customer through exceeding the expectations at each stage

What Clients Say About Us

This is what our clients say about us after using our Retail Web Data Scraping Services. Hear their voice...

Team Retailgator is outstanding to work with. I am very impressed with their Retail Web Scraping services and will collaborate with them for my multiple requirements. They offer fair pricing with quality work!
Brian Lawson
5.0 Out of 5
Retailgator has done a wonderful job with my Retail Data Scraping services requirements. Though, there were some problems, these guys have doubled their sources to get the problem solved.
Ann C Dennison
5.0 Out of 5
Retailgator did an outstanding job. The pricing was right and they have done multiple modifications quickly. Their service very good. I will certainly use them again. I certainly recommend their services!
Laverne V Hoyt
5.0 Out of 5

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