Brand Monitoring Service

Web data scraping for brand monitoring assists in measuring brand perception and services as well as offers companies with peerless capabilities to monitor the type of buzz as well as make their brand creation at a particular time.

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High Points

Brand Monitoring For Different Industries

Web data scraping for brand monitoring works in a linearly and easily manner because we analyze your brand in social media and other web sources, treat the relevant data parts as well as save them for making analysis. We make this happen with different data scraping tools, which are prearranged for collecting as well as storing applicable data.

  • Better Brand Insights
  • Competition Monitoring
  • Real-time Reply
  • Superior Customer Insights
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Attributes & Advantages

How Retailgators Advantages Help Your Cause?

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The process is largely automated and inevitably monitors as well as gathers data from thousands of different web resources therefore, your business will continue to have its position to get a more intimate and holistic view about tastes, opinions, customers, and preferences.

  • Identify Fraudulent Reviews
  • Monitor Online Presence
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Stay Well-versed
Why Choose Retailgators?

Why Retailgators is The Best Data Providers?

Through leveraging data scraping, all the significant data is extracted from the web as well as stored in different databases to utilize in different business apps for more proceedings. We make things easier for brand marketers for creating a strategy, making new marketing promotions, and produce new sales & leads for superior revenue and constant success.

  • Create a Client Database
  • Growing Sales
  • Leading the Market
  • Refining Satisfaction
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Use Cases

Brand Channel Data Monitoring.png

Brand Channel Data Monitoring

  • Scrape news from thousands of online resources to analyze educational research, references, etc. You can do it without making thousands of scrapers having advanced news uncovering platform.
Map Violations & Implementation.png

Map Violations & Implementation

  • Collect Job Postings from a lot of careers pages as well as job websites online to create Job Aggregator websites, research, as well as job posting analysis. Use job postings for staying ahead in a competition.
Keyword, Rating, and Review Analysis.png

Keyword, Rating, and Review Analysis

  • Perform background research for businesses’ or individuals’ reputation using crawling renowned online sources and relating sentiment analysis or text classification for collected data.
Brand Monitoring with Product Mentioning.png

Brand Monitoring with Product Mentioning

  • Get real updates on Pricing, Product Availability, as well as other product-related data from the e-commerce sites using scraping at regular intervals. Take real and smart decisions to be price competitive.
  • Get Well-Structured, Meaningful, and Usable Data - Get Started Now




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The delivery team arrange the standard services to make sure the customer’s delight
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Beat Expectations

Create a strong and long-term association with the customer through exceeding the expectations at each stage

What Clients Say About Us

This is what our clients say about us after using our Retail Web Data Scraping Services. Hear their voice...

Team Retailgator is outstanding to work with. I am very impressed with their Retail Web Scraping services and will collaborate with them for my multiple requirements. They offer fair pricing with quality work!
Brian Lawson
5.0 Out of 5
Retailgator has done a wonderful job with my Retail Data Scraping services requirements. Though, there were some problems, these guys have doubled their sources to get the problem solved.
Ann C Dennison
5.0 Out of 5
Retailgator did an outstanding job. The pricing was right and they have done multiple modifications quickly. Their service very good. I will certainly use them again. I certainly recommend their services!
Laverne V Hoyt
5.0 Out of 5

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