In case, you want to scrape data from the external sources like a marketplace, a website, or yellow pages, you would mainly search for the web scraping applications online. The results might overwhelm you as the option of tools is very impressive.

Finding the tasks, terms, and accessible resources will assist you to narrow down the options to a sensible listing of candidates.

Let’s understand a normal situation when the online merchants need to extract product listing from a different website to do drop shipping, competitive analyses, etc. If a person doesn’t have the programming skills then the option would turn towards DIY web data scraping apps as well as data scraping services offering data-on-demand. It’s time to review both these approaches of web scraping.

An Overview about the Web Data Scraping Applications

Web data scraping applications are tools, which offer GUI or Graphic User Interface to scrape the data. Normally, they provide the field for listing the websites, which required to get scraped as well as a toolkit for configuring the web scraper.

For example, enter a website’s URL in a search bar as well as click on elements you need to extract including name, bullet points, description, customer reviews, and more. A web data scraper will read these HTML codes and scrape the data. You may also select in which format you wish to save data, if you want to run scraping occasionally as well as other settings:

Applications of web data scraping might be installed on the computer or retrieved through the web interface. A few solutions possess both the cloud and desktop versions.

Examples of data scraping applications include Parsehub, Octoparse,, and Mozenda.

Benefits of Web Data Scraping Applications:
  • Many free versions having the basic functionalities might be accessible to allow you to extract websites having easy structure.
  • You may configure a data scraper as per your requirements and change the settings according to the requirement changes.
  • Normally, there are tutorials and manuals available to assist you configuring the web scraper.
Things to Consider While Using Applications for Web Scraping:
• Better Learning

Each software is having its own logic, therefore, you have to explore a tool to utilize that effectively.

• Needs Modification

If you want to scrape different websites then you will need to configure a web scraper for each website. Especially, the websites’ structure might change. So, you will need to change web scraping settings accordingly.

• Advanced Features are Costlier

As many web data scraping applications provide free versions, mostly they have limited functionalities. So, if you want superior features then you have to pay for those. You need to utilize a paid software in case, you wish to run web scraping in cloud, use IP rotation, schedule tasks, increase the pages for run limits, and others.

• Detect a Scraper Like a Robot

Websites always try not to get scraped. You have to deal with the IP rotations to avoid your IP getting blocked. A few web data scraping applications provide IP rotation characteristics but generally on a paid plan.

• A Scraper Can Make Your Computer Run Slow

A desktop version of a web scraper working in the background could slow down your computer.

• No Ready-Made File for More Import

Mostly, you will have a file having a standard structure. In case, you wish to import that to your eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop or other shopping platforms or carts then you would require to adjust that file in the Excel either using advance formulas or manually.

Web Data Scraping Service: An Effective Alternative of Web Scraping Applications

Suppose you just need to get data however, not spending time to master any scraping tool or adjusting that to each website, which requires to get extracted? In this case, a web data scraping service provider like RetailGators can be a much better choice.

RetailGators offers on-demand data according to your requirements and you are actually outsourcing the job to pull out data to the tech specialist to an ideal file ready to use.

Benefits of Hiring a Web Scraping Services Provider Company:
• You Don’t Need To Spend Time To Master Any Scraping Tool.

With RetailGators, you will get data completely ready-for-use. You don’t require to examine any manuals or tutorials. Just explain the job and get all the necessary data.

• You Will Find The Data Without Any Facing Any Extraction Challenges.

Websites might have various structures. A few websites are easy to scrape, while others come with complex structures. Whenever you outsource scraping services, you don’t need think about anything like proxies or captchas. It’s our job to provide a solution and the data needed.

• Get Extra Services without Any Additional Fees.

With RetailGators, you can easily get a ready-made file for importing to Amazon, PrestaShop, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, or any other targeted platforms.

Just go through this example of extracted file to get imported to WooCommerce:

Order Our Web Data Scraping Services in 3 Simple Steps
Order Our Web Data Scraping Services in 3 Simple Steps
  • Give us your website link that you want to scrape from and which data you want to extract. Mention if you are planning to import scraped data into the website and we would prepare an import file for the shopping cart.
  • Find a sample file and review it. Request adjustments if any to get an ideal CSV file.
  • Choose a plan and get your data scraped in FTP or your mailbox.

All the web data scraping applications need some initial investments. You need to purchase a tool as well as invest time to learn it. Therefore, if you need to engage in the web data scraping business, or want a team of committed workers to find data then you should try out DIY web data scraping applications.

Instead, with the web data scraping service, you are paying for the scraped data as well as find results immediately. Therefore, if you want to find data rapidly, in the required format, which will best resolve all your particular requirements then RetailGators, as the web scraping service provide would be the finest option.