Now a days, you can see that Reselling and Dropshipping of products for retailers like Shein provides all management product catalog. There is the first step, which we need to fill the store for the products, which need to be sold. Further, we can update all the catalogs that you need to keep up to date for all new collections, reviews, prices, etc.

You can directly speed up any tasks by scrapping data for any e-commerce website like the Shein website by importing all your data into e-commerce platforms. In this way, you can add any products, which can by uploading new and exciting products.

In various articles, you can easily pull every product listing from Shein with a scraper tool that needs to extract service. By this, you can easily find the answer to any frequently asked question.

Introduction to RetailGators

RetailGators provides services that can extract data from any online stores like Shein as per your needs. This may take 4 steps to get the data.

  • You just need to fill out the online form on and specify all the categories or URLs which need to grab data from.
  • You can easily get a free trial file with 100ds of products.
  • Review the file as per the requirements, by tweaking if it is needed.
  • Directly, you can place an order and get the complete file in the ready position so that you can import all your targeted websites.
Data Can Be Extracted from Shein
Data Can Be Extracted from Shein

Scraping Service can pull out any data, which is available publicly on the website. There are fields which are given below:

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Number of Reviews
  • Color, Size, and other features
  • Rating
  • Product Option & Variations (Color, Size, etc.)
  • Category Path
  • Images URL

This is how you can extract data, how to extract data is shown in the given image:

There are other product data, you will get product details as well. The file contains all product categories and SKU and you can directly separate the lines.

Scraping Images from

They are trying to save images for Shein manually, you will find out that they saved the images in a JPG format in the Webp-file. There are various kinds of files which can’t be imported into the shopping cart.

If you need to solve the problem, RetailGators will automatically convert Webp images into JPG files. The images can fetch into your WooCommerce.

Scraping Images from Shein-com
Scheduled Scraping Shein

If you need to add new products to your store then you need to monitor reviews and prices. So, you can able to purchase the yearly or monthly subscription services and you can fetch the required data as per the schedule.

Do you need to scrape data for all the other online stores? You can scrape from,,,, and other websites too.

They frequently update on your given requirements; you specify how repeatedly you need to update (Monthly, Weekly, Daily) by doing this we can send fresh data to your email or FTP.

Integration with Woocommerce, Shopify, or Different Store

If you extract data from Shien, you mostly automate the process of filling out online stores with different products. Other services are as follows for RetailGators.

How to Import Native Files from the Shopping Cart?

RetailGators helps to prepare data from all the formats which are suitable for your target shopping import tool. Initially, you will receive all the files in direct import.

  • From Shein to WooCommerce.
  • From Shein to Shopify
  • From Shein to Magento
  • From Shein to Prestashop

In the given image below, you can see the file tailored to WooCommerce importer:

How to Import Native Files from the Shopping Cart

In the given below image you can see the file is being smoothly imported to WooCommerce:

Data Adjustment – Repricing Other Changes

If you are getting a scraped file, then you can do any adjustments by yourself. If you need to save your time, then you can describe any changes which you need to make and we will provide you all the services.

Most frequent updates our clients request are as follows:

  • Add % to the initial price.
  • You can remove the trademark from all the other product descriptions.
  • By adding store name to the product description and other files.
How the Price of Shein Scraping is Calculated?

The price can be calculated based on the number of rows in the file. Variation can be counted as different products. Thus, if any product has 4 variations, there will be more than 5 in the files.

Many free scrapes will make an estimated number of total products in the category as per the requests, we will provide you with a quote.

The final cost is calculated based on the complete file.

How Do I Send the Required Products to Be Scraped?

You can easily request to extract the data of any categories which can be specified for URLs. You can list as many as a link in the order form.

How Can You Extract Data from Shien for Free?

You can visit RetailGators as per the requests for free scrape. You can describe your requirements in the order form:

  • What fields you needed to in the file.
  • Categories or URL to grab data from
  • Target Platform
  • The email which ready file will be sent.
Wrapping Up

If you are looking for the Scalable Sheinservices, then RetailGators can provide you the best e-commerce scraping services which can help you to scrape the best services.So if you are looking for Shien Data Scraping Services, you can contact RetailGators for all your Shien Data Scraping Services for all your queries and quotes.