The method of selling goods online is a revolution of e-commerce. Although consumers benefit significantly from online buying, companies confront numerous difficulties, including

  • The retailer must physically purchase and stock things in advance.
  • The retailer must make arrangements to deliver the goods to the customer.
  • The merchant must take into account and be in charge of all logistics, packaging, and fulfillment.

Dropshipping is an excellent method of selling products online where the retailer concentrates on product promotion and sales. A third party manages the backend packing, stocking, and dispatch.



With the help of the drop-shipping business model, businesses may sell goods without ever having to keep any inventory on hand. Drop shippers receive a list of goods from independent vendors and put them for sale on their websites or online stores like When a consumer orders a listed product, the drop shipper sends the order and the customer's shipping information to the supplier, who then ships the products straight to the customer.

A drop shipper looks for the suppliers of the products they want to sell and then shows the consumers the available products from the database. Customers place orders with their shipping addresses, and the drop shipper fills the order by sending the supplier's information and the customer's shipping address. Since the supplier distributes them directly to the clients, the fulfillment is done without the drop shipper ever having to handle any inventory.

How to scrape Costco data?


Let us discuss the simple process of extracting Costco data for Shopify dropshipping.

Step-1 – Sign-in

Use your email address for registration.

Step-2 – Add URLs

After searching for an appropriate Costco domain, add the category URLs to the web scraper. The sitemap URL will be present by default, allowing you to scrape the whole product catalog.

Step-3 – Run

After adding the relatable URLs, users must run the scraper. The website data will continue to fetch data and will then organize to make them available for storage.

Step-4 – Download data

Users can export data after the scraping process for future use and further analysis.

The benefits of scraping Costco and Shopify dropshipping


The notorious membership club Costco has a unique business strategy. In contrast to other retailers, their monthly membership card fees generate most of their revenue and profits. Because they have a little margin on their items, they can provide fantastic rates and discounts in-person and online.

1. Large-size supplier

As one of the largest wholesalers with excellent offers, Costco is a fantastic option for dropshipping. Due to their business approach, they offer discounts to get reasonable pricing. They also permit returns for the majority of things for up to 90 days, which is excellent for dropshippers.

2. A massive number of products

A vast choice of products is available when you use a large provider like Costco. Whether you wish to sell in several niches or want a wide variety of products from a single slot, Costco will meet your needs. Purchase specific things to distinguish yourself from your rivals.

3. Quick & secure shipping

Costco provides top-notch goods with a mere 3-5 day turnaround time so that you can offer quick shipment to your consumers. Buyers consider shipping times, and a successful firm depends on them.

4. Outstanding customer support

No one can match the level of customer service offered by American providers. You can count on Costco to assist with shipment or tracking concerns, cancellations, refunds, or issues with a delivered item.

Benefits of Dropshipping

1. Store Management Made Simple

You would only need to identify the types of products you want on your online store if you used a bespoke web scraper. You can select based on categories, price, weight, and others. You can also add additional e-commerce sites from which you want to purchase items—the relevant products scraped by the crawler and uploaded to your storefront.

2. More attention to competitors.

A web scraper uses more than just adding products to a store and updating them; you can also learn more about competitors' businesses. They were examining their stores, the evaluations of the stores, the merchandise, and the reviews of the merchandise.

3. Development of Leads

Drop shippers can also use web scraping to attract potential clients interested in their items. When you extract reviews of competing items, they occasionally include contact information and the names of the people who gave the product a rating and wrote the review. However, with more thorough site scraping, it is possible to obtain numerous consumers' emails and phone numbers.

4. More Efficiency

The problematic and tedious tasks are delegated to the crawler when you start employing a web scraper as a drop shipper, which lessens your workload. Dropshipping gives you more time to study the web bot's operations, analyze, and summarize scraped data before making judgments and developing a more robust company plan.


You can select the biggest websites in the world, and we are ready to extract data constantly in a structured manner. The information can then be downloaded to your computer and used as a spreadsheet. We strive to make the data extraction procedure short and effective, so you can concentrate on accomplishing your business objectives. Contact Retailgators immediately for any need regarding web scraping services.

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