Are you a fashion e-commerce business in a competitive online marketplace? Then, your business needs a good pricing strategy. Price intelligence can help you set the right prices for your products. The fashion industry is constantly seeking the attention of customers. Price intelligence helps attract customers and stay profitable.

Price intelligence can help your fashion business gain an edge over the competition. It helps make better pricing decisions for your fashion e-commerce business. Let's talk about price intelligence strategies that can help your fashion business grow in 2024.

What is Price Intelligence?

What is Price Intelligence?

Price intelligence uses fashion industry data to set product prices. They use automated tools and software to track competitors' prices and historical trends. Fashion companies use this data to make pricing decisions and stay competitive and profitable.

Why Pricing Intelligence?

Customers are extremely price-conscious. The price of a product has a direct impact on sales and profits. According to Shopify's Future of E-commerce Report 2022, price is the most important factor for shoppers. It also says that most shoppers visit at least three websites before making a purchase decision.

E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart change their prices every few minutes. As a result, other businesses imitate the effect to compete. Whether your goal is to stay competitive or attract attention, this strategy will lead the way.

Importance of Price Intelligence in Fashion E-commerce

Importance of Price Intelligence in Fashion E-commerce

Fashion is a competitive business, and the right pricing is the key in this industry. Price intelligence helps fashion businesses stay competitive in the market. It does this by monitoring fashion industry data and providing insights that can be used to optimise pricing strategies. Price intelligence also helps businesses attract new customers, sell more products, and reduce inventory.

Fashion businesses sell their products across channels, like online marketplaces and social media. Price intelligence tools help them see how their prices compare to competitors' prices on all channels. This fashion business data aids in adjusting prices as needed.

During sales season, prices can change quickly. Price intelligence helps businesses find products that are not selling well and lower the prices to clear inventory. It also predicts product demand to make better pricing decisions.

What are the Benefits of Price Intelligence Strategies?

What are the Benefits of Price Intelligence Strategies?
Maximise your profits

Price intelligence uses fashion industry data to set the best prices and maximise profits. It does that by considering competitors' prices, demand and product costs. It ensures the pricing is reasonable enough to attract and retain customers.

Build a Loyal Customer Base

Price intelligence helps businesses set prices that are in line with their competitors. It also helps find new ways to offer discounts to attract new customers. A high-quality product at a competitive price always encourages customers to return.

Identify New Opportunities

Businesses need to find new ways to grow in the market. Price Intelligence helps you find new channels to sell your products and track them across channels to grow your product catalogue. It can also help you find new suppliers from different regions.

Understand Customer Behavior

Historical pricing trends help understand what customers are willing to pay for products. Special offers for price-sensitive customers can help businesses reach more customers. It can also help ensure they have the right products in stock to meet customer demand.

Informed Business Decisions

Price intelligence helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by giving them real-time information about market conditions and e-commerce trends. This fashion industry data sets better prices, sells more products, and improves customer satisfaction.

How Emerging Technologies Redefine Price Intelligence in 2024?

Price intelligence is getting more popular in fashion E-commerce businesses. Fashion E-commerce is expected to grow fast in 2024. Here are some new technologies that use fashion industry data to help you set your prices.

Increased use of Artificial Intelligence

AI is making it easier for businesses to find and analyse competitors' prices. This fashion business data helps them make better decisions about their prices.

Customised Pricing

Customer-centric pricing is a way for businesses to set prices based on what customers are willing to pay. This is done through market research, focus groups, and tiered or dynamic pricing.

Big Data Analytics

The use of big data analytics helps businesses improve pricing strategies. Big data collects and analyses large amounts of fashion industry data, competitors' prices and market trends.

Natural Processing Languages (NPL)

NPL helps price intelligence tools understand how customers feel about products and services. It studies how computers interact with humans, which can help us learn about what customers need.

Machine Learning (ML)

Price intelligence tools can use machine learning to build models to predict future prices. This helps businesses set the best prices to stay competitive and profitable.

What are Price Intelligence Strategies?

A well-defined pricing strategy can help fashion E-commerce businesses maximise their profits, improve sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is the practice of adjusting prices in real time based on fashion industry data. This data includes current market conditions, such as competitor prices, time, and season, to stay competitive and increase revenue.

Segmented Pricing

Segmented pricing is charging different people different prices for the same thing. It is done based on demographics, consumer behaviour and purchase history.

Price Bundling

The fashion industry data has an extensive list of products. The price bundling strategy combines multiple products to reduce the overall cost and encourage customers to buy more products.

Promotional Pricing

Promotional pricing is the process of temporary reduction of price by offering discounts. It usually happens during the season of festivals or occasions to boost sales.

Price Matching

Price matching is a strategy of matching the product prices to the competitor's price. This strategy aids in attracting new customers and retaining old customers.

Introduction to Price Intelligence Tools

Price intelligence tools are software that helps businesses set the best prices for their products. Price Intelligent tools are built on various technologies like data mining, web scraping, and data warehousing. These tools collect fashion industry data, identify patterns and forecast future trends. There are many software in the market to help businesses optimise pricing strategies.

Features of Price Intelligence Tools

Price intelligent tools offer a variety of features to help businesses improve their pricing strategies. Here are some of the key features of price-intelligent tools.

Competitor Price Tracking

Price intelligence tools allow businesses to track competitors' prices across channels. It includes social media and online marketplaces. This allows them to adjust their pricing to ensure they offer the best possible price.

Price Scraping and Data Collection

Price scraping is the automated collection of price data from the internet. This data tracks competitor prices, identifies pricing trends, and makes informed pricing decisions.

Pricing Trend Analysis

Price intelligence tools help businesses set the best prices for their products. They do this by collecting fashion business data, product performance and competitors' prices.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing tools use fashion business data to change prices as needed based on how many products are in stock and product demand. This helps businesses to achieve their goals, such as increasing profits or reducing inventory.


Investing in price intelligence tools is a smart move for fashion E-commerce businesses of all sizes. Price intelligence tools can help you track your fashion business data, and competitor prices to identify price trends and make informed pricing decisions. This can lead to increased profits, reduced inventory levels, and improved customer satisfaction.

Price intelligence tools can cost from nothing to thousands of dollars. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Retailgators, a professional price intelligence service provider, helps you put all your fashion business data to best use. We can help you understand market trends and customer needs. This fashion industry data is used to set prices that customers will pay and help you reach your business goals. If you want to improve your pricing strategies, we are a perfect choice.