Businesses today use web scraping as a significant tool for gathering data from various websites. In the older times, companies used to do the data collection manually. But, with time, businesses started switching to web scraping services. Now, there are LLM-based tools available online to make life easy. One of the LLM-based tools that is famous amongst almost everyone is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is not less than an employee if used with precautions and proper learning. With ChatGPT, you can try finding data and make decisions. All the data provided by ChatGPT gives you a simple and detailed way of understanding explanations. By doing so, companies can seek help from ChatGPT in making better decisions. In this blog, we will understand why and how to use ChatGPT for product data scraping. Before that, let's come across web scraping and product data scraping.

What is Web Scraping using ChatGPT?

What is Web Scraping using ChatGPT

It is a simplest process of giving prompts or instructions to ChatGPT to give the required data from a specific website. This process is quite different from manually extracting data. The type of instructions you give to ChatGPT the type of extracted data you get. The collected data gets stored and is available for download in CSV format. During the web scraping, the bots are programmed to visit the websites, check the pages and extract the required information. Due to their automation, these bots are capable of extracting large amount of data. The web scraping can make a huge difference for businesses as big data is constantly changing

What is product data scraping?

Product data scraping is similar to web scraping. It is a process of extracting product data such as descriptions, product names, prices, availability, images, reviews, and other related information.

Benefits of Product Data Scraping with ChatGPT for Automated Data Collection

ChatGPT is quite simple to use. It has an easy-to-use interface. Using ChatGPT for product data scraping has various benefits that will help you increase your knowledge base.

Improved Accuracy

Automated processes are less likely to have any errors. Using ChatGPT for product data scraping helps in avoiding errors.

Less Time-Consuming

ChatGPT is an automated tool. It helps in making the data collection process less time-consuming with the available resources.


ChatGPT 4 is free to use. You don't need any labor to work with ChatGPT for product data scraping. You just need to give the prompts and watch the data getting collected.

Competitive Advantage

ChatGPT works according to the prompts. Whatever commands you keep on giving, you start getting the data.


ChatGPT's prompts can be customized. You can give different instructions, and the ChatGPT will do the job accordingly.

Scraping Instructions

ChatGPT is powerful. You can give commands for whatever type of web scraping you require. The code snippets/generated instructions tell a lot about the extracted data.

ChatGPT is a great assistant. It can handle errors and simply address any difficulties arising during the web scraping. You even get guidance on handling different situations.

How to do Scraping with ChatGPT?

Before coming across the step-by-step tutorial of product data scraping with ChatGPT, choose an eCommerce store with multiple categories. Going ahead, you will learn the steps of how to do scraping with ChatGPT.

Sign Up for ChatGPT

Open ChatGPT's website to sign up. After completing the sign-up process, you will be redirected to the chat window. Now, you can start a chat by entering your query.

Decide the Elements to Scrape

Before giving prompts to ChatGPT, decide which elements you want to scrape on the target page. For instance, assume you want to scrape the elements of mobile phone prices and titles.

  • On the mobile phone titles, click on any of the titles. Select "Inspect". You will notice that the HTML code for the element is opened in the Developer Tools Window.
  • Right-click the element and choose "Copy Selector" with the mobile phone title. The following figure explains all.
  • Write the selector and repeat the steps for finding the selector for the price element.
Write the ChatGPT Prompt

Make sure the prompt should be well explained. Tools, Code's Programming Language, and Libraries should be well explained. The special instructions for the code must comply with it.

Kindly Note that the scraped data might contain odd characters if encoding issues occur. This can happen if the Python script and web page interpret the character encoding. Hence, it is advisable to add instructions to avoid the encoding issues.

Check the Code

The moment ChatGPT provides you with the code, it is necessary to review it first. Cross-check if the code has some packages or libraries you want to exclude. If you face any glitches, then give the prompts to ChatGPT again.

Execute and Test

Once satisfied, go ahead and copy the ChatGPT-generated code and execute it.

You have extracted the necessary information from the target pages you wanted to scrape. But, you may face some exceptions or didn't get the desired output. In the next section, let's discuss some tips and tricks for using ChatGPT for product data scraping.

Top Tips and Tricks for Using ChatGPT for Product Data Scraping

Top Tips and Tricks for Using ChatGPT for Product Data Scraping

There is no doubt that ChatGPT is very simple to use. But, still, you can encounter some technical or non-technical problems. That is why we have shared some tips and tricks for getting accurate results with fewer problems below:

Get Quality Results with Linting Codes

Using Linting Codes, you increase the chances of maintainability and readability. You can give ChatGPT a prompt to review the code to meet the coding practices and standards. You can get quality results by pasting the code and adding "lint the code" in the prompt.

Ask ChatGPT to Provide Editing Assistance

ChatGPT works like a human. You can ask ChatGPT to provide the results. In the same way, you can ask the ChatGPT to make the edits to its provided results. You just need to specify the changes, such as improving the code's effectiveness and modifying the extracted data. ChatGPT offers different code options or suggestions for improvement during the scraping procedure.

Give Prompt to Handle Dynamic Content

Some websites produce dynamic content with the help of AJAX or Javascript libraries. ChatGPT is powerful enough to help you navigate complex content on the web. You can ask ChatGPT to give you the techniques related to dynamic content. You can even get suggestions on parsing dynamic HTML, headless browsers, or automation interactions.

Assistance in Code Optimization

In web scraping, efficiency is necessary. Working with large datasets or having challenges during web scraping is common. So, to improve the performance of the code, you can seek advice on the packages and frameworks to finish your web scraping quickly.

Summing It Up!

ChatGPT is a great tool for almost any work, including web scraping. The more specific instructions you give the ChatGPT, the better results you get for the product data scraping. But web scraping with ChatGPT is just like giving instructions to your assistant or intern. The ChatGPT can do accurate product data scraping only when given correct instructions or the knowledge one has. So, it's better to choose web scraping services by RetailGators. They have the best knowledge about web scraping and don't require any instructions; instead, they have a step-by-step system built for your web scraping needs.