If you are having poor-quality product images and the supplier offers you images at additional fees then what to do? Well, now you can get product images from the website easily as well as import them in your website using Retailgators Image Scraper.

If you take the decision of updating your web store or slightly change your inventory or prices, you would probably check the products data of your suppliers and manufacturers. Though, it is not very easy to remember all these data, particularly if you want to analyze or compare so many products.

Retailgators Image Scraper provides online merchants with a perfect solution of this problem. It could get any website data including PNG or JPEG images of any sizes as well as even JavaScript or HTML dynamic data. Moreover, the key product images, Retailgators Image Scraper can collect additional images. The tool helps you select what type of data you would love to extract or mixtures of all these. It indicates that you could extract from the product pages merely product names as well as descriptions or solely SKU numbers having prices etc.

Image Scraper

Retailgators Image Scraper can choose any data from manufacturers’ or suppliers’ sites not in need of admin access. The tool works with manual mapping, therefore the websites’ robots would certainly not get damaged.

One more benefit of Retailgators Image Scraper is its power and high-speed. It can practice up to 1000 products in around 12 hours! Obviously, the period of extraction may vary upon how quickly a website works. You need to take a reminder that Retailgators Image Scraper provides you the given amount of items completely free. With Retailgators Image Scraper, it’s easy to collect data up to 5000000 products!

Let the Retailgators Image Scraper be you rescuer and provide you a helping hand while making the online store flawless!

Scrape products images very easily using Retailgators Image Scraper! For more details, contact us now or ask for a free quote!