Alibaba is the marketplace that connects manufacturers as well as businesses. As a leading wholesale website, it is a well-known data source for online entrepreneurs. Therefore, Alibaba scraping is utilized for getting suppliers, monitor prices and stocks, making product catalogs, as well as different other tasks.

In this blog, we’ll observe data types that could be extracted from Alibaba as well as methods of searching relevant data. Furthermore, we’ll share tips about how to make a well-structured file made for particular job.

Challenges While Extracting Alibaba

This marketplace is a venture of Alibaba group of companies. Just like all the sites of Alibaba group, this marketplace is well-known for its strict anti-scraping actions:

  • Changing this website’s markup often
  • IP address blocking in case a crawler is acknowledged as a bot

Retailgators Scraper is the data scraping service, which takes all the challenges off you. This service scrapes data from Alibaba as you’re your specifications as well as offers you a ready-to-utilize file.

What Product and Seller Information Can be Scraped from Alibaba?

Retailgators Scraper can scrape any texts on the page, which you observe in the browser. The bot would automatically click links and buttons to increase drop-downs, follow sub-pages as well as open pop ups for scraping data from them. Just go through a sample of extracted product named “Women’s Rain jacket” having all accessible details:

What product and seller information can be scraped from alibaba?

In case you need particular fields, you could list them in an order form:

  • Product Name
  • Pricing
  • Image
  • Product Link
  • Minimum Orders
  • Seller’s Name
  • Seller’s Response Rate
  • Total Years as a Seller on Alibaba

In Which Formats Alibaba Extracted Data Could be Presented?

The Retailgators Scraper prepares data in a format, which best suits a task. Therefore, for analyses of extracted suppliers or product data you may need to find data in Google Sheets or a CSV file. While, if you want to import extracted Alibaba listing, you might need a file formatted for particular shopping cart needs.

To get an e-commerce-friendly format for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, or PrestaShop, shopping cart specify that in an order form. The file would get tailored for shopping cart as well as have all the necessary fields for smooth import. Here is the sample of WooCommerce products file:

In Which Formats Alibaba Extracted Data Could be Presented?

You could import this received file straight into online store for creating or updating products.

How to Search Alibaba for Scraped Data?

You might do different kinds of searches as per your task:

  • Search by keyword or product. Enter different product ideas in search field.
  • Search by company. Just enter a complete company name and get suppliers you want.
  • Search by supplier. In case, you have a few manufacturers in notice, enter the complete factory name.
  • When you complete the search, copy URL from browser as well as paste that in a request form.
How to Search Alibaba for Scraped Data?

How to Order Web Scraping from

Request a test file for free. Using this form, list fields, which you want, offer the URL or sellers, keywords, or category to scrape data from. State file format as well as email for which a file has to be sent.

You would get an email having attached files once email scraping gets completed. Review a sample file as well as inform us in case any changes are required.

After approval of a file structure, we would send you a job quote so that you can choose a suitable price plan.

After making the payment, you’ll get a complete listing through email, Google Sheets, or FTP.

For more information about Alibaba scraping services, contact Retailgators or ask for a free quote!