Whenever you require a Wholesale website data scraper, you can think about different options. As a tech-savvy, you could try and write a script or utilize some data extraction software to configure a web scraper. Although, as a business owner launching an online business, you’ll need to outsource that task as well as get usable data rather than hiring a tech staff.

Retailgators is provide the retail data extraction service, which is well-designed to swiftly and easily download pricing, inventory, and product data from wholesale websites for you. Furthermore, if you are planning on more data import in the shopping cart, then CRM or other software, you’ll have a file organized for smooth import.

Which Data Type Can be Scraped from a Wholesale Website?

Retailgators can scrape both easy and adjustable products with information:

  • Name
  • Description
  • SKU
  • Brand
  • Category
  • Description and Other Accessible Data
  • Image URLs (For Easy and Moveable Products)
  • Stock (Accessible Quantity)
  • Stock Status
  • Wholesale Pricing

Note: If variations have various prices, most probably, this will need extra tweaking of a scraper and, so, it will get charged inversely.

If you want to scrape all the accessible products, you can write it in an order form:

In case, you require products from particular pages, categories, collections, bestsellers or new arrivals then list them in a request form. For extra accuracy, you can search on a vendor site, copy a link with results as well as send the link directly to us:

Extracting Password-Protected Wholesale Sites

Usually, wholesale sites give access to products’ pricing as well as stock for registered customers only:

So, to extract password-protected data, we’ll require your login information to the supplier’s website.

Data Adjustments Before Import

Besides web scraping itself, Retailgators can do some adjustments of making the file seamless for you. Therefore, we could add brand names to product titles and descriptions, adding margins to prices, draw out product codes from the description as well as put that into the SKU field.

More composite and customized edits are possible. For example, if a supplier has additional full descriptions as well as other offers videos or superior images, we could try and match data to offer you complete products.

Import CSV Using Wholesale Prices and Products

Extracting data from the wholesaler’s websites are only the initial step in the procedure of filling the store catalog. Then the next step would be importing items to store admin. Therefore, you can identify the names of the shopping cart in an order form, as well as we’ll offer a formatted file for the import tool.

Retailgators imports files for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and PrestaShop carts. Let’s go through an example about data pulled from the wholesale site as well as formatted to import for Shopify.

Get more details about how to import different products from supplier websites to Shopify.


Formatting for some other shopping carts or different platforms like CRM is quite possible. In case, you want custom import then send your requirements, attach an import file sample, and we would try and format that accordingly.

Scheduled Vendors Extracting for Updated Stock Levels as well as Prices

In case, you are working with wholesalers regularly, you would perhaps require to update data as per changes on a supplier’s site. For that, you could take benefit of subscription services as well as get daily updates, weekly updates, or monthly updates. The data could be sent to your:

  • Google Sheets
  • FTP
  • Email

Retailgators will update information for earlier scraped products and also extract new items repeatedly if they are available in a definite category.

Try Retailgators and get products using descriptions, images, and categories from different supplier’s websites to create a perfect store catalog! For more details, contact us now!