If you need to scrape data from Google Maps for leads, research, or by some other way? Then this is the best article for you.

If you are a technical guy, then you will get data from Google Maps using Python, bs4 code, Selenium, etc. If you need any information to avoid any technical problem, then data scraping service would be a best option. Follow the below-given steps to order Google Maps extraction and get the details straightaway into your email inbox.

Steps to scrape data from Google Maps company directory
1. Define the company/location you are interested in.

If you are interested in a definite location, then you can search via location – state, city, country. You can easily search organizations by keyword or industry. Then you can copy the URL from the website, once are you done.

This is a sample search which is done by an organization. Once you find on map, the URL will appear like this:,-2.2401662,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x487bb1954abc4aaf:0xfb94e9971f4bda6f!8m2!3d53.4764596!4d-2.2379775!9m1!1b1


Scrape reviews from Google Maps

2. List of Data fields that need to be Scraped.

Next, describe what data you need to see in the final file. These might be company data, reviews, etc. For reviews, we can scrape data like rating, user name, review, photo attached by a customer. For industry leads, we can pull all required data from the information page like rating, name, location, category, hours, website, phone:


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3. Submit your application for a free extract.

Complete an online procedure for RetailGators: then you need to pass the URL which you have copied earlier, list the details that need to be scraped, and enter your contact email address. If you have any extraordinary requests, then you need to be specific.

Request Google Maps data scraping on

4. Check the output test file.

You’ll receive a sample of extracted data at your email address. You need to go through all the files and check the required data is available.

5. Order full scraping and collect required data

When you’re pleased with the primary file, you can easily order a data scraping service. We’ll provide you a quote and you need to select a suitable pricing plan. Once the payment is received.

Use RetailGators, every time you need to get information from Google Maps. Save your time and receive necessary information hassle-free. We also provide eCommerce Data Scraping Services. as per your requirements.