IKEA is one of the finest brands for garden & home products. There are many queries on the website that how to extract IKEA content such as images, reviews, products, etc.

In this blog, we will focus on one particular task – scraping IKEA products for e-commerce purposes. To resell or drop ship from IKEA, you want a list of images & products. Also, you might need to upload them straight into the shopping cart, so you will need a properly formatted file for a successful import.

Step 1. Scraping IKEA Products

For data scraping, we’ll be utilizing RetailGatiors, a service that collects data on request. Below are some points about what it can scrape.

  • Pull images/reviews/ products/ answers& question from and save them into CSV file.
  • ExtractIKEA product variants.
  • Scrape data by brands,category, URL, etc.
  • Format a file and import into your shopping cart (Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Magento).
  • Extract data on daily basis for monitoring and different purposes.
Figure out what data you want to scrape IKEA for

Select Products & Categoriesyou need to scrape. The best option is to search on the IKEA website and copy the given link in the same form.

The next step is about the data fields that you need to extract. If you want all available data fields then you need to specify them in the order form.

If you are looking for a particular data, list the data fields splitting them by a comma, in order: Item like Title, URL, Article Number, Category, Sizes Available, Product descriptions, Price, Product Image, product dimensions, product details, and reviews.

You need to make sure about measuring the units, specific locations, language, and currency, in this sample: height (cm), weight (kg), depth (cm), width (cm), price (GBP).

Submit your request via the online form and collect a sample extracted file

Go to the RetailGators website and fill out a free extracted form:

We will route your request and share with you a test file within 24 business hours on your email address. Feel free to put any comments so that we will get an accurate file.

Order the Services

Along with a sample file, you will be receiving anestimate for the full extract data. The price of data scraping can be changed on several rows and in the final file.

If you have a file of IKEA products, you can easily import them into your store directly.

Step 2. Import Scrape products to your store (for example, WooCommerce)

Import tools of various shopping carts for particular requirements for the file format. So, if you are planning on importing IKEA products, you will get the custom-made file for your platform.

Below is the sample file of WooCommerce import with IKEA products. This kind of file can be uploaded straightaway with WooCommerce:

Step 3. Extracting IKEA on a strategy to track the change

After adding the products, you may need to monitor prices, stock levels, IKEA popular products, IKEA products answer & question, etc. For this kind of task, RetailGators offers a best eCommerce Data Scraping.

If you are looking for a professional IKEA Product File, then you can contact RetailGators for all your requirements or ask for a free quote!