Many different purposes need to be scrapedAsos. You might want to get all the inventory data and images and features for them on your store or you just need to conduct market research.

In any of the case, you need a tool that can extract data from Asos and present in the given format. In an article, we will show how you can scrape web scraping services using RetailGators.

Scrape Data from Asos on Demand

RetailGator is an online service that helps you to extract data from different online stores like Asos as per the client’s requirements.

  • What data you need to scrape. Like you need and SKU and prices only for data.
  • Scrape items from a certain category, URL, brand, etc.
  • The fields need to be included in the file. Besides the items for all the data fields, you may add any extra columns, like “Tax Type” or “Availability” if you required for all your future import. We can split all merge data from all the different columns so that you can save your time while adding product listing to any store.
  • You can easily format all the files for targeting for the shopping cart. (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop).
What Data Can Be Extracted from Asos to CSV

All product details can be scraped publicly into a file. Several fields need to depend on the data provided on the page.

We will be able to scrape data like URL, product name, category, Image URLs, price, currency, product code, discount price.

What Data Can Be Extracted from Asos to CSV

There are some products like Shirt may come with all the characteristics and details. We will able to extract different products data:

  • Category
  • URL
  • Image URL
  • Product Name
  • Color
  • Regular Price
  • Product Details
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Product Code
  • Look after Me
  • Size & Fit
  • About me
File Format

As mentioned, RetailGators don’t only provide data but we provide all data in a well-structured format that needs to be understood by shopping & import tool.So, if you have a plan to import all the data into some platform which can specify in the order form.

Below mentioned an example of all file structured for all the native WooCommerce importer. It will not include just scraped data but also required to import like visibility in all the product types and many others.

File Format

Many product need to select that option of “Size” that turns into variations and variables. They are placed in different rows and contented as per products.

Steps to scrape with RetailGators
  • If you need to order data extraction from the Asos website, that you need to fill online forms.
  • After submitting all your requests, you just need to check all your email with 24 business hours for a scraped file.
  • Looking through all the data you can make sure that there is the thing you are looking for.You can easily import all the files into the shopping cart so that you can check how the products look in the store. If it is necessary, alterations will get all the files that can suit your requirements in the best way.
  • Once the file structure will approve, then you will receive all the remaining estimatesfor the entire scraping purpose.
  • You can easily order and receive a complete list for scraping.
  • If you are looking for fresh data regularly then you can order recurring services, or else you can update as per your schedule.

So if you are looking for the best e-commerce scraping services company then, you can contact RetailGators for all your quotes and queries.