BestBuy provides an extensive range of home appliances and electronics to both Canadian and American consumers.

BestBuy is amongst the largest e-commerce sites for electronics in the United States and Canada.

Just like other e-commerce websites, they offer important data that you can extract to assist you make superior investment decisions for improving your store or product.

At Retailgators, we’ll exhibit you how to extract BestBuy data using a BestBuy web scraper.

So let’s get started!

To start, you will require to download a BestBuy web scraper. Whereas there are different options, we would be utilizing Retailgators as well as has features we believe you’ll like.

For the project, we would extract phones on BestBuy, you could use the link in case you might like to follow alongside.

Extracting the 1st BestBuy Result Page

1. When Retailgators gets downloaded as well as installed. Then click on new projects button as well as submit URLs in a text box. A site would now reduce inside the app.


2. When the website get rendered, just click on a product name of first results on a page. The name that you’ve clicked could be green to identify that this has been chosen.


3. The rest product names would get highlighted in the yellow color. Just click on 2nd one given in the list. Now, all these items would get highlighted using green.


4. On left-hand sidebar, rename the product selection. You would announce that Retailgators is scraping the product’s name as well as URL for every product.

5. One left-hand sidebar, just click on a PLUS(+) symbol next to product selection and also choose Relative Select command.


6. With use of Relative Select command, just click on first product name given in the page and then on the listing price. You would see the arrow connecting these two selections.


7. Expand the new command made and delete its URL that is also being extracted by default.

8. Repeat the steps 4 to 6 for scraping total reviews as well as product images. Ensure to rename new selections consequently.

Run and Export the Project

This project is complete and now it’s time of running our scraped job.

On left-hand sidebar, just click on ‘Get Data’ tab and click on ‘Run’ button for running scraping. For lengthier projects, we suggest doing the Test Run for verifying your data would be formatted appropriately.

After scraping job is done, you can download all the data requested as a useful spreadsheet or in the JSON file.


It’s done! You are all set to extract BestBuy data as per your requirements. For more information, contact Retailgators or ask for a free quote!