If you are associated with the pet product industry, then data scraping could be a great assistant in many situations. The most general one is having products listed from the supplier, analyzing competitors’ products and price strategy, as well as monitor customer reviews, as well as others.

Here, we’ll show how to find a quality, well-structured, and usable data for all these tasks.

  • Extracting pet product information
  • Extracting pet stores’ prices (monitor different pricing on Amazon, Petco, etc.)
  • Extracting reviews on the pet products
  • Pet store contact data scraping
Extracting pet product information

The variety of pet products within a store may consist of thousands of points: pet care, pet food, pet supplies having multiple subs as well as – sub-sub categories. For creating products listings on the website, you require to get products with information: names, quality images, descriptions, product codes, and more.

From where, you can get these details? An ideal scenario would be when you get that from the supplier. However, there could be many troublesomeness:

  • Incomplete data – the file doesn’t have product descriptions or codes.
  • Inadequate image quality or else no images at all.
  • A file format can’t be introduced into the store or needs ample editing.
  • A general solution of getting the necessary details is scraping pet products data from a supplier’s website.

Note: Make sure to get a supplier’s permission before scraping data from their websites.

Let’s see that works with Retailgators web scraping service.

Discover an online form indicating the following:

Website for scraping data from. You might indicate a separate store address and also link to eBay, Walmart, Amazon, Etsy, as well as other marketplaces.

Different product fields include images, description, SKU, product title, wholesale price, and variations.

Specific requirements, comments, for example:

  • only have items, which are in stock
  • find descriptions using/without html
  • extract pet products categories
  • Make a file in a particular format (imported to Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, or other shopping carts).

1. Your email ID – in which, we could send a free as well as well scraped file.

After submitting your request, you would get a sample about scraped data. In case, you have identified your targeted shopping cart, a file would be arranged accordingly. The accessible formats include Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Magento. If you require any other formats, mention that in this form and have the file with the particular requirements.

Let’s see an example about the file having extracted pet products data well-structured for the:


All the highlighted columns have the data scraped from a website, whereas others include WooCommerce fields needed to make new products. Therefore, you get scraped data with an import-friendly file, which you can directly upload without and extra modifications.

Scrape Pet Products Reviews

Analyze reviews from different pet product websites could provide you many valuable insights:

  • brands with maximum reviews
  • brands with the highest score
  • how is a score changing actively

Many places are there where you could get reviews on cats’ or dogs’ food as well as other stuff: Walmart, Target, Amazon, PetSmart, Chewy.com, PETCO, and others.

To find reviews for the analysis, you just need to indicate a web address as well as fields to extract: review date, review, stars, title, images, and more. Retailgators will scrape the reviews as well as send a file into your FTP or email.


The data could be used to import or do manual analysis.

Pet Stores Contact Details Scraping

Presume that you’re launching the startup in a pet store business as well as need to get the listing of maximum brick-and-mortar pet stores in the area. Web scraping could help you with this job also.

How to Find Pet Store Contacts

On the Retailgators site, fill the following information in an online form:

Which area/location you are attracted with. There are a many resources listing different pet store addresses: https://www.petbusinessworld.co.uk/, https://pet-shops.regionaldirectory.us/, https://www.petsmart.com/store-locator/, Yellow Pages, Google Maps, and more. In case, you wish to scrape data from any particular website, just give us its URL.

Furthermore, you could outline data as well as location by a zip code or region and we would scrape company information from search results. Let’s see an example of the pet store contacts extracted from Google Maps:


Which company information you wish to see in a file:

  • Store’s Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip/Postal
  • State

After getting your request, we would share you some review samples as well as estimated price of web extraction.

Extracting Pet Store Pricing (Monitor Pricing on Amazon, Petco, etc.)

Online shopping helps pet-lovers in comparing prices across different websites before ordering anything. Therefore, to be competitive, you certainly require to track pricing, on maximum popular products.

With Retailgators, it’s easy to get the newest prices from the suppliers, manufacturers, local or worldwide competitors.

Just submit your form for the test pricing scraping, identify competitor list as well as stipulate fields to extract: product name, model, SKU, stock, special pricing, and more.


Having a eCommerce Data Scraping services from Retailgators, you’ll get the data you require as well as make suitable data-driven decisions.