If you are planning to sell products from Aliexpress using the drop shipping model, then you’ll need a website or other sources to sell different products.Suppose you havepicked a shopping engine and bought a domain. The next step is you can fill your store with different products.

How to Scrape Products, Categories, Reviews, and Many Other Data from AliExpress with RetailGators?

RetailGators is a Scraping Service provider that scrapes data as per the client’s requirement and delivers data inthe required format.The following file is configured as per your needs so that you can import data easily whenever you need it. You can use RetailGators as an alternative to Extracting AliExpress Using Python or different encoding languages. This service does not require any technical skills and assist you to collect the required data in real-time.We will define the procedure to gather data from AliExpress data extraction with RetailGators. Below, step will help you to get accuratedata as per your need.

Step 1: Identify What Fields you Require

AliExpress has billions of products listed on the website, so you need to identify what you are looking for.

You could easily search keywords by brands, category, or store.

After copying a link from the browser, you can easily paste it intothe order form.

Step 2: Which Data Fields you Require from AliExpress?

We can scrape all the data which are available on the given page.If it is a product page, we will help you to collect all the information: -

  • Name of Product
  • Reference
  • Prices of Product
  • Product Description
  • URLs Image
  • Product Features
  • Product Variants
  • Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Category

However, if you need any particular data like categories or reviews, thenwe will provide youspecific data in the file

Step 3: Collect a Test File and Check the Extracted Data

After submitting your request, we will test data scraping and deliver you the data with a test file of Extracted AliExpress listings. You can review and check it carefully whether it contains all required data or not like image, features, and variants. You can try to import files into your store to see how data looks at the storefront. We will share with you an estimated price to scrape data from AliExpress so that you can plan yourbudget accordingly.

Step 4: Select a Suitable Pricing Plan and Collect entire data

Once you approve the tested file, after that you can select an affordable pricing plan. The price is depending on the number of lines in resulting file. Product variants are placed in separate products. If there are 7 products in the option, there will 7 lines in the file.

Step 5: We provide latest Data on a Schedule

You might work in a competitive niche where you need to monitor prices dailyor you need to collect updates on product stock, new products, etc. To get the updated data on a schedule, you can use RetailGators services.


Retailgators provide you best eCommerce Data Scraping Services from AliExpress. You can see some advantages to use website extracting for dropshipping.

  • Fetch customer reviews & Ratings
  • Get complete & reliable details about products you need to sell
  • Keeps stock up to date
  • It saves time with accurate import and schedules update.

If you are looking for the best AliExpress Data Scraping Services, you can contact RetailGators for all your queries or ask for a free quote.