How the Amazon’s Product Data Can Be Helpful for the Business Online?

The information could be convenient for the following objectives:

Dropshipping : You might need to extract Amazon products data and get descriptions, product titles, SKUs, etc.

Observe the Competitors : Price monitoring, availability, tracing of new advents, learning reviews. Getting suitable info on the competitors’ feeds could help you adjusting the pricing as well as selling strategies for your own.

Extract Product Details, which You Can’t Fetch Using
  • Amazon API : Although Amazon offers an API, it won’t provide all the details accessible on a product page. Using our web scraper, you can affect this inconvenience as well as get the details shown on a product page.
  • Find Amazon’s Product Reviews : Reviews can provide you many ideas about whether a product is value selling, what customers want or don’t want about that. User’s feedback could be the source of motivation while crafting accounts for the similar products.
List of Data Field to Be Scraped from Amazon

As per your objective, you may require to scrape these product data:

  • Title
  • Categories
  • Product’s Description
  • Product’s Information
  • Total Reviews
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • ASIN as well as other data
An introduction to RetailGators Scraper

RetailGators Scraper is the service, which can scrape data you require from Amazon. This works as the services on demand. These steps of extracting products data using RetailGators Scraper are the following:

Fill an Online Form for Requesting Amazon Scraping Services.

Offer a URL to the products, categories, brands, and identify if you need to extract all the accessible data or definite fields. Or might be you would love to extract the entire Amazon? Indicate it in an order form.

Get the Sample Files and Estimate of Complete Scraping.

You will get the link to the CSV file in the email. A sample file has equal to 100 records. So, you may review that as well as request changes to a structure if required. You would also get a pricing estimation of the whole scraping so you might order that later:

Get the Sample Files and Estimate of Complete Scraping.
Make Payments and Get Data on the Amazon Products.

Lastly, you select the pricing plan depending on the estimation, place the order as well as we will send you the link for downloading the file having all the data extracted.

The Advantages of Using RetailGators Scraper

As mentioned here, RetailGators Scraper is the on-demand service. This means you just provide us the URL as well as tell what to extract and we complete the rest. Different to scraping a software, this doesn’t need any program maintenance and setup. You get data in the well-structured file as well as may use that immediately.

Use RetailGators Scraper to scrape data from Amazon.