What is H&M?

H&M is a multinational Clothing-Retail & Accessories providing company that provides clothes for men, women, teenagers, and Children. H&M operates in more than 74 countries with 5000+ stores in the world with various company brands and have over 1,26,000 full-time employees. H&M is the world’s 2nd largest clothing retail company. H&M provides online shopping in 33 countries. The estimated revenue of H&M is $25.191 Billion.

List of Data Fields

At RetailGators, we extract the required data fields given below. We extract H&M using Web Scraper Chrome Extraction.

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Number of Reviews
  • Product Description
  • Product Details
  • Category of Cloths
  • Product Color
  • Product Size
  • Product Type
How We Scrape Data from H&M?

H&M allows you to search for different products that can be filtered as per factors like product price, product type, size, color, and many others. The Scraper will allow you to scrape data from the H&M as per your requirements. You need to select filters for your data you need to copy the equivalent URL.

H&M Data Scraping Tool helps you to collect structured data from H&M from the traffic using H&M normally. H&M scraper helps you to extract product data from H&M fashion online store. It allows you to scrape the whole site, particular categories, and products.

Want to scrape product from Google Chrome?

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H&M Scraper

After adding an extension, you need to right-click anywhere on a page, or you need to inspect and develop tools and a popup will come up. Click on the tab name Web Scraper and you can go on to ‘Create New Sitemaps’ after that you need to click on the button and can easily import the sitemap option. RetailGators helps you to download the data into many different formats like CSV, JSON, and Excel.

Why RetailGators?
  • We have a professional team that helps you immediately if you have any problems while using H&M Data Scraping Services. Our eCommerce Data Scraping Services is capable, reliable, and offer you quick results without any error.
  • Scraping H&M Scraping Services helps you to save your time, money, and efforts. We can scrape data in a couple of hours, which might take a week or days if you do it yourself.
  • We are working on H&M Data Scraping Service Using Google Chrome that extract the required data.
  • Our expert team of H&M Data Scraping Services API knows how to convert unstructured data into structured data.

So if you are looking for the best H&M Product Data Scraping Services, then contact RetailGators for all your queries.