At RetailGators, we have created Product Reviews API. With this API, it’s easy to get access of the product reviews in the well-structured formats without writing any site-specific codes. You could use our Online Reviews API for scraping product reviews from the e-commerce websites at scale. Just make the request to an API and get data in the real-time!

Scraping E-Commerce Product Reviews Data

In the competitive e-commerce world today, product reviews offer a wonderful way for the online shoppers to decide which products to purchase. Therefore, monitoring the product reviews is very important for the businesses. By using review data, you could get data insights, which can improve the decision making, give feedback, as well as monitor customers’ sentiments.

Having access of well-structured web data is hard to do, particularly if you don’t get the right tools. Using Product Reviews API, we offer a convenient way of scraping reviews at scale from any website.

Get All Product Reviews Data at Your Fingertips

Data fields, which Product reviews can scrape for you include:

  • Review Name
  • Review Body
  • Review Ratings
  • Date Published
  • URL
  • Is Verified
  • Voted Useful or Not Useful

You may also utilize Product Reviews API to:

  • Build products
  • NLP and Sentiment Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Reputation Monitoring

Whatever your use cases are, you can depend on the Product Reviews API for delivering high-quality data.

Well-Structured Product Reviews Data with No Coding

Before using our Product reviews API, you require to write a site-particular code for scraping reviews and other data. Also, you need to maintain the codes if a website changes its frontend code or layout.

With Product reviews API from RetailGators, you don’t require to write customized code to scrape data. Our AI-based tool automatically finds all data fields that you require as well as scrape them from pages. You only require to submit the targeted page URLs. After that, you will get data in the well-structured JSON format.

How to Utilize Product Reviews API?

Our Product review API works in the same way like our other APIs:

  • Feed page URLs into our Auto Scraping API.
  • Get output in JSON

Please understand that only a website URL won’t be enough to scrape data. You require particular page URLs for using the APIs (or contact us to find URL discovery dealt for you.)

For more details about the API checking a Product reviews API documentation.

Product Reviews API: Visual Representation
Example of JSON

It is a format you need to expect while using the APIs:

[   { "productReviews": {    
        "url": "",    
        "reviews": [ {        
            "name": "A great tool!",        
            "reviewBody": "AutoExtract is a great tool for review extraction",        
            "reviewRating": {          
                "ratingValue": 5.0,          
                "bestRating": 5.0         
            },        "datePublished": "2020-01-30T00:00:00",        
            "datePublishedRaw": "Jan 30, 2020",        
            "votedHelpful": 12,        
            "votedUnhelpful": 1,        
            "isVerified": true,        
            "probability": 0.95      
            "name": "Another review",        
            "probability": 0.95      
        ] }, 
        "query": {    
            "id": "1564747029122-9e02a1868d70b7a3",    
            "domain": "",    
            "userQuery": {      
                "pageType": "productReviews",      
                "url": ""    
            } }   
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