Store location data is booming!!!

As per the eMarketer survey, location data was amongst the top emerging areas, which marketers had allocated budget for in 2019, ahead of some technologies, which are emerging very fast including Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Store locations data have become enormously valued and if you have data, you will need a data scraper for sure. 66% of the retailers believe that permission-based geo-tracking is a crucial element of their businesses.

So, integrating location data with marketing efforts has become extremely important and comes with many benefits. Let’s understand these benefits and also understand exactly what the location data is.

Locations data is gathered from the visitors of your retail outlets or website and provides you data about where they are retrieving this from as well as how they do it. It gives insight into how the consumers behave and move in real-time. This adds one more layer of the element to the customers’ behavior. Now, let’s go through the location’s data advantages.

Advantages of Store Locations Data

• Real-Time Targeting

The simplest benefit of store location data is, it permits to do real-time targeted advertising. In case, you understand where your prospective consumers are, you can immediately deliver customized marketing messages which get a better chance of echoing.

The study says that about 71% of the franchise businesses believe that they are utilizing mobile locations awareness ads for reaching their targeted audiences and about 84% of them are utilizing targeted social ads that have location components.

As so many third-party plugins and platforms available, there are many opportunities for serving location-targeted ads in real-time. You may also familiarize your marketing determinations to particular people through geo-fencing with certain principles (for instance, in the neighborhood of something) as well as through delivering tailor-made creatively (provides that create with the sense of proximity-based reminders, urgency, and more.)


The effectiveness of marketing efforts rises multifold as the locations also determine consumer behavior that helps in making segments for superior targeting. However, how significant is this true?

As per the survey, UK business owners who utilize locations data believe that making a location-based audience segment is the most valued thing, which is made from extracted store location data. Different niche behaviors need to be shattered into groups as well as be distributed with various types of messaging.

Any person that visits your website or store thrice per month might not occupy with you in a similar way like a person, who visits your store ten times. Also, you need to dive deeper into your consumers’ psych to understand how they travel, how much time they have, normal travel routes, total time spent at one place, etc. All those points can help you in converting the strongest leads.

How Can You Leverage This?

Scraping store locations data as well as drawing insights make sure that your store or web traffic gets the most applicable content (taken from the place they remain on the buying journey), which can result in conversion optimization. It can be flawlessly achieved by targeting and geo-location.

To explain it further, an example for basic geo-targeting is Search Engine Results Pages. Whenever you insert your query into the search engine bar, Google identifies your location as well as modifies your results depending on what is most suitable for you as per your location.

In case, you are shopping on any fashion website, which is existing in many countries, the site identifies your location as well as shows you products and content most applicable to where you live.

Only enabled by the beauty that is store location data scraping services!

How Important is This Really?

Geo-targeting is immensely used and this is extremely important for a better user experience. This is a small nudge you need to provide to your customers who already understand you as well as have visited you. Your initial step is to scrape store locations data. After that, define customer groups for different services and products. It will assist you to describe the buyer personas in a better way. It is a foundation of custom-made thoughtful marketing for every prospective client that mirrors any particular segment.

You need to speak straight away to them as well as make them sense important. You may also mention them in the preferred selection of languages to make them feel homely. The one-size-fits-all methodology hardly works in marketing. You need to engage with everybody that involves with you at any level. Store locations data scraping can also assist you in forecasting consumer behavior movements and permits for groundwork.

The Better Picture

Store locations data is the most under-rated source of data with maximum potential. This data assists you in understanding how the potential customers associate with your brand with multiple touch points and then you can trait the conversion to the sources exactly or understand the exact points when you lost your customer.

In addition, your marketing efforts must support your online efforts. Usually, a customer might see your advertising, come and visit the store, not purchase anything instantly, go home as well as go through your site at their individual pace as well as make the purchase. In case, you are not having an Omni-channel view, then you could misinterpret this as the direct website research sale. However, had you store locations data, you’d understand the role, which billboard played as well as that physical store cumulatively played for making the purchase take place. Multiple touch points would come into the forefront and you would know what to perform the following time.

Producing applicable content is a walkover whenever you have a clear understanding of the consumer’s intent. Geo-location tracking, as well as store locations data, could do a wonderful job for exactly doing that: knowing user’s behavior from the place they are situated. Used in arrangement with other targeted tools, you may create a pool of stronger buyer personas.

For winning, businesses require to have understandings of their consumers’ environments throughout the engagement moments with a brand. So, what’ the sure-shot winning recipe? Help you with a digital display ad using a discount coupon for the key ingredients where you check out the ingredients for that recipe within the grocery store that you frequently visit. Location intelligence will surely help here!

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