As all the discussions about data scraping is good, using that in business procedures poses the key challenge. So, we wish to debate how organizations are utilizing web scraping services for increasing their sales and website traffic when optimizing the costs. Let’s see how the customers are utilizing e-commerce product data API, particularly for e-commerce affiliate marketing.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a gain for both the sides of a table. While this helps in increasing sales for different companies with no money spending on advertising, different affiliate marketing companies that assist these online sellers get some percentage of each sale.

Customers are utilizing our data scraping services to collect product data across the Internet to provide customers with top discounts as well as best-suited products. As a result, consumers keep coming as well as are utilizing their portals for buying products. E-commerce data scraping services also assist these sites to scrape data when consumers search for the products, which are not available in cache memory or within the catalog.

2. Price Comparison Sites

As so many e-commerce websites are there, customers will try and find the finest deals. The pricing comparison is more important for consumers while trying to purchase a particular product model of any particular company; whether it is a mobile device or a second-hand car.

That’s why price comparison sites or plug-ins have got an enormous amount of growth in use in the recent times. As most e-commerce sites do not get APIs for checking product prices and too many e-commerce websites got added in the list each month, majority of partners use e-commerce affiliate API for checking price product data on the go, whereas users search online for different items.

3. Check Pricing

Extracting products prices are important for comparison website prices as well as e-commerce companies that wish to ensure that products are available at economical prices. That is why different e-commerce sites use e-commerce API open-source for regularly crawling price data of the best sold products or the most popular categories and products to ensure that the website become more appealing to the users with the lowermost prices on top-sold products.

4. Collecting Product Information

Not all e-commerce sites have their presence in different countries, nor are all e-commerce sites want to sell everything to the customers. Lots of them work only in a one country, and at times even in particular cities. Collecting product data for many niche companies has become very difficult. Physically collecting products data associated to thousands of products prove to be very difficult, costly, time-consuming, as well as prone for errors while done using assistance of manual-data collecting procedures.

That’s why small e-commerce partners operating in certain niche utilize e-commerce product data API to ensure that they get enough data in the product pages for looking genuine enough as well as also draw more customers.

5. Product Review Collection

Product details and prices are one thing. They might provide a product picture as decorated by the business. By extracting product reviews, businesses can add information to a product details page, which might be difficult to add without using the items or holding them in one’s individual hand.

In different e-commerce websites, there are frequently asked questions with their answers in different product pages. All these questions generally relate to product usage, installation, maintenance, etc. Scraping such data using e-commerce product data API and add that on a product description page results in consumers having better trust ratings while using a website (of partner e-commerce companies).

6. Image Scraping

Collecting product images is a different headache, which e-commerce companies are facing daily. At times, even videos associated to installation or usage of products become extremely important, and displaying them on the products description page becomes necessary. Many companies utilize web scraping for collecting these images as well as videos to improve their product pages as well as offer a superior product-browsing experience to users.

7. Capturing Best Selling Products

One could think that e-commerce websites that sell a product at a margin of 15% would make extra profit than other selling with the margin of 5%. Although with online retail, that won’t be the case. Frequently e-commerce websites lower the margins for selling more items as well as make a greater amount of profits overall.

One more popular tactic is selling the most standard products at extremely lower margins as well as to increase prices of other products. It draws bigger crowd and sites ending up making the fortune. Although, for all these, extracting the best-selling products or top searched online products become vital data-points. They are easily accessible using particular computation on data scraped using e-commerce Product Data API.


Web data scrapers have become a vital data-collection tool for different businesses in various industries however, amongst the oldest industries as well as one, which still utilizes it remains e-commerce till date. Utilizing e-commerce API documentation and e-commerce API integration can have many advantages. You do not need to spend money or time make a new web scraping team, whereas you can integrate powerful tools to your business procedures in the plug & play format. If you want an e-commerce data API for Affiliate Marketing then contact Retailgators now!