We can all agree that COVID-19 increased global e-commerce growth despite all of the difficulties it brought with it. Billions of digital consumers were searching for domestic and international means to purchase products and services as cities and entire nations went under lockdown. Significant opportunities are created by the expansion of both domestic and international e-commerce for businesses and marketers that are eager to engage with these consumers.

In the upcoming years, online retailers may anticipate seeing significant growth from the quickly expanding cross-border e-commerce market. Just have a look at the facts if you have any concerns that doing business internationally and selling online presents a sizable possibility for your company.

According to a recent McKinsey report, 1.8 billion individuals will join the consuming class by 2025, spending $30 trillion yearly. With more people having access to the internet, customers will have easier access to companies like yours operating globally.

Significance of Scraping E-Commerce Data Country Wise

Doing your research pays off, just like with any new endeavor. Discovering who, what, and how to sell to overseas customers was your first step.

1. Market Understanding


Start by checking your internal statistics to see which nations are currently purchasing your items. Attempt to reach out to more people in these markets, even if it's just about some particular product sales. This can be made easy by using the web scraping services of Retailgators.

Additionally, you can make use of the research resources offered by government organizations like Export.gov and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Both provide free planning tools and templates that you can download to assist you in developing pricing plans, locating the best markets for your items, and other tasks.

2. Helps in Studying buying trends and demand locally


Web scraping assists you to research the top nations that have a high demand for the products or particular specialty to enable you in establishing your target markets. This attempt allows you to find out as much as you can about consumer buying habits and where they normally make their purchase. For instance, internet buyers from smaller nations are more inclined to make purchases abroad and spend in developed nations like the United States, Canada, and Australia.

For example, you can view the most popular product categories, the frequency with which customers buy from nations like the U.S., the reasons why customers buy, and potential obstacles by nation. For your business to provide customers with a fully localized shopping experience, it also outlines the regional customs, fashions, taboos, and even holidays of each country.

3. Discover international payment techniques


This is important because overseas customers frequently give up on their purchases during the checkout process, either because their preferred payment method is not accepted or because they don't have faith that their money will be handled properly. So extracting country-specific e-commerce data scraping will make you learn about the most preferred methods of payment.

The general tendency says, “People like to make purchases in familiar currencies”, especially the one they use. You can offer products in a variety of currencies with some worldwide payment processors. Use that tool if your supplier provides it. Make sure you provide a currency conversion so customers can see what they're paying if you don't accept payments in the customers' currency.

4. Identifies the secured payment technique


Choose a payment processor with a solid international reputation. For example, PayPal consistently ranks among the top payment options for cross-border transactions due its security, purchase protection, and convenience across a variety of platforms.

5. Support Market Entry


If you are new and wish to enter the market, you have a few possibilities for breaking into a new market, for example, you can start small on an already-established online marketplace, optimize your present website, or create a local nation specific web presence.

6. Begin by Entering an Active Online Market


Frequently, scraping well-known websites such as eBay can provide you with a broader reach at a reduced cost. They enable you to measure demand for the goods before investing a significant investment in redesigning the current website. .

7. Website Improvising


Web scraping sophisticatedly helps to make your current website international buyer-friendly. For example, you can start by merely emphasizing your ability to accept orders from other nations and providing details on the countries you service and the shipping charges, for customers with non-US IP addresses, you can consider displaying products which has local currencies once you have more experience. You might also consider installing a multi-language toggle for the website in the future.

8. Need for Specialized Websites for Specific Markets


Data extraction allows you to know the need for a specific website necessary for targeting a particular market. For this, you might have to buy the country-specific domain.

For example, a tailored website provides you complete freedom to experiment with various items and presentations because the techniques and products that are successful in the United States might not necessarily be successful in other nations. If you choose to have a specialized website, keep in mind to test and refine the user experience to ensure that features like currency conversion, text translation, and shipping cost estimation function properly. Again this can be known through our customized services.

9. Guidance for government resources

Retailgators can extract country-specific government data relating to government resources to assist you in gaining knowledge. Most nations have a variety of government agencies to assist globalization. Several government organizations in the US can help US-based companies of any size.

For example, to assist you in getting started, these agencies provide free webinars and knowledge on trade. They are also excellent at using "business diplomacy" to get goods out of customs or tariff changes if you run into any problems. The US Small Business Administration offers STEP grants in collaboration with state agencies to help with startup expenditures. These might assist in defraying the E-commerce Price Scraping of localizing and preparing your websites for sales abroad.


Nowadays, it is much simple for businesses to use both their data and a variety of data sources to discover new markets, many of which you might not have thought of in this data-driven world.

You might begin in English and concentrate on nations where there is already a market. These new markets could be simple to do business with, simple to export, and straightforward to expand.

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