A brand's online presence is crucial today. Customers frequently choose a brand with a favorable reputation. Your online reputation can be made or broken by how you interact with your audience on social media.

Social media is one of today's most effective and quick forms of communication. To ensure that no critical remarks or references about their brands go unanswered, brands must constantly be on their toes.

It is imperative to respond promptly to social media interactions. In other words, you must constantly check all of your web channels. Tools for brand monitoring are helpful in this situation.

Even though many social media marketing solutions have some form of social listening functionality, others make brand monitoring one of their main areas of concentration. Check out these ten best brand monitoring tools to track your progress.

What is Brand Monitoring


Brand monitoring is the method of keeping track of all the different internet channels and evaluating all the activity related to your brand.

When your brand is discussed or tagged, this includes places and things mentioned.

With so many internet resources at our disposal, it is physically impractical to track everything manually. You can monitor the internet activities of your business with brand monitoring tools.

List of Top 10 Brand Monitoring Tools

  • Brandwatch
  • Mention
  • Awario
  • BuzzSumo
  • Keyhole
  • Talwalker
  • Meltwater
  • Buffer Reply
  • Twirlers
  • Technorati
1. Brandwatch

An all-inclusive brand monitoring tool is Brandwatch. It guarantees to give you highlights and information about how your business is doing across all digital media.

They offer data on strengthening your brand's online visibility through various channels, including social networking, content development, etc.

Brandwatch assists companies in gaining insight into how consumers view their brand and its health online.

The real-time alerts make it possible to monitor activities and make adjustments as needed. It is among the most effective all-around options on the market for brand monitoring tools.

Features of Brandwatch
  • Identifying strange behavior
  • Instantaneous notifications
  • Sorting talks based on grievances, criticisms, and opinions
  • Live commentary
  • An analyst of AI
2. Mention

For businesses looking for a robust monitoring solution, Mention is available to compete with Google Alerts, which is free to use. Through its monitoring engine, it offers all the critical data and more.

Multiple sources, including news, blogs, feeds, and social media platforms, can be searched by Mention. Despite its limited LinkedIn and Twitter reach, B2C firms can benefit from it.

A mobile app is also included with Mention to allow remote access from any location. It enables you to monitor the brand's online performance in real time.

Its anti-noise technology deserves special note as one of its essential characteristics. It only displays the results that users have requested.

One user may manage up to three social media accounts with the free plan.

Features of Mention
  • Advanced warnings
  • Clever folders
  • Pulse emails will let you know when mentions are at their highest.
  • Logical question
3. Awario

Awario searches more than 13 billion online pages daily to find brand references. This approach lets you interact with your customers on social media and strengthen your business ties.

The data it gathers will assist you in answering comments and give you a greater understanding of your audience so that you may modify your marketing approach. For instance, you can utilize it to find new clients who are already looking for the goods or services you provide and quickly convert these prospects into leads.

Important characteristics:
  • Boolean query
  • Sentimental evaluation
  • Integration with Slack
  • Hashtag monitoring
  • Reporting
4. BuzzSumo

A social media monitoring software is BuzzSumo. You can use BuzzSumo to track mentions of your brand, related topics, competitors, and products. It enables publishers to develop partnerships and employ the best-performing content for steadily increasing audience engagement by enabling brands to identify top trends and content.

Important characteristics:
  • Monitoring of important blogs
  • Keeping an eye on organic growth
  • Tracking competitors Monitoring brand mentions
5. Keyhole

With Keyhole, you can monitor mentions of your company, its products, or rivals on all the leading social media platforms and millions of other websites. Through its user-friendly dashboard, you can also acquire a summary of post volume, interaction volume, reach volume, and the number of impressions. It provides sentiment analysis, which is helpful for competition analysis. Here are some fundamental facts to get you started.

Keyhole provides hashtag analytics, in contrast to other products. Despite having nothing to do with brand monitoring, it can be helpful when curating content and extending the reach of your writing.

List of Features
  • When postings mentioning your brand are about to go viral, a volume Features
  • forecast's function lets you know.
  • Sentiment analysis with AI
  • A Quick Trends function for spotting social media trends
  • Account suggestions
6. Talwalker

Another enterprise-level option for big teams is Talkwalker. Using the tool, you will have access to real-time and historical data for up to two years. Image recognition and AI-based insights are a few of its sophisticated features. In addition to print and TV/radio, you cover ten social media networks.

Important characteristics:
  • Recognition of images and video
  • in 187 languages, tracking
  • in 25 languages, cutting-edge sentiment analysis
  • Automated, immediate warnings
  • intelligent spike analysis
  • two years' worth of historical data is available.
  • clustering of conversations
  • Adaptable dashboards
7. Meltwater

A social media monitoring and listening software called Meltwater Social allows you to keep an eye on brand mentions while providing a wealth of social data insights, including sentiment, brand health, influencers, and competitor intelligence. Meltwater Social provides raw user data and performance indicators to base your content and marketing strategy, similar to other solutions. The platform includes blogs, forums, comment sections, review websites, and 15 social networking channels.

Important characteristics:
  • A complete scenario of the state of your brand
  • Unlimited capacity for keyword search
  • Analytics software
  • Access to a 15-month social data archive
  • Developing custom dashboards and reports
8. Buffer Reply

Customer service and brand monitoring solutions, Respondly, were purchased by Buffer.com in 2015.

You can now manage several social media profiles from a single account thanks to Buffer Reply, which has changed its name. You can plan posts for later and post directly to the social profile.

It features paid subscriptions that provide many advantages, just like Hootsuite. In the free plan, there can only be one user per account. However, users can register up to three accounts and schedule ten monthly posts using its free plan.

9. Twilert

Twilert is an additional Twitter monitoring tool similar to Tweetdeck. They do, however, perform differently.

The Twilert app alerts you to tweets about your brand or profile. You may also create alerts for specific hashtags or keywords.

Whenever a tweet includes the keyword, your brand name, or any hashtag, Twilert sends you an email alert.

You can also choose how frequently Twilert will send you email alerts.

10. Technorati

Technorati is the tool for you if your brand depends on blog marketing or rising to some notoriety within the blogging community.

The only thing is the brand name you want to keep an eye on. Afterward, Technorati will search all blogs and feeds for mentions of your company name.

You will then receive the data in an RSS feed from it. It is a straightforward product that only targets the blogging community, placing it in a specialized market.

Reasons for Using Brand Monitoring

  • You may learn more about your target audience's usage of social media platforms and websites and their languages, locations, and other characteristics.
  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of your brand. Finding client grievances and requests through brand monitoring might help you improve your product.
  • Protect your company's reputation against a PR crisis. Finding complaints about your company soon can allow you to address them before they become a social media problem.
  • Discover marketing opportunities by looking for new platforms, backlink possibilities, and target communities.
  • Find people interested in operating with you.
  • And that's only the start. It is imperative to pick the right brand monitoring tool based on your company's needs.

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