Data is expected to become a $274.3 Billion industry by year 2022. Tomorrow’s leaders are scraping data today. Being the business leader, you have to find out:

  • What data a business can leverage?
  • How to connect that data?
  • Ways of using that data

Web scraping is a go-to approach for mining the web as well as scrape important data. In this blog, our objective is to offer you a no-brainer overview to web scraping tools, technologies, and tips for scraping websites. All these ideas might assist you in making smarter decisions for web scraping as well as your businesses.

What is Web Scraping?

In the layman’s language

  • Web Scraping is the procedure of collecting data from various websites online.
  • This is an automatic procedure.
  • This is same as web extraction, data scraping, content scraping, data mining, web crawling, data collection, content mining, and information collection.
Web scraping vs. Manual Scraping

Assume that you have to scrape all email IDs observed on the LinkedIn post. You might point a cursor to a string of the email addresses, copy as well as paste that in the file. The recurrence of the similar procedure is named Manual Scraping.

Web scraping is the term provided to programmatically do the given operations at scale. For collecting 2000 email ids, anthropoid work could take about 3 hours, whereas this merely takes 30 seconds in case done utilizing a data scraping tool.

In the technical language

  • The web is flooded with data, both structured and unstructured.
  • Web data comprises images, videos, text, audio files, etc.
  • People require this data for various objectives.

Web scraping is a programmatic approach for getting web data within automated fashion.

Web scraping tools, web scrapers, or web scraping scripts transcribed by coders could serve the ending.

Web Scraping Business Use Cases

Big data assists people in understanding market as well as get a competitive benefit over competitors. Web scraping is extensively used amongst entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, researchers, online sellers, as well as consulting people.

Businesses could leverage data for:
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Building Aggregators services
  • Content Aggregation
  • Lead Generation
  • Market Research
  • NLP
  • Pricing Intelligence
  • Product Data
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • SEO & Content Research
  • Training ML Algorithms
  • Trend Analysis
Four Ways of Scraping the Web

Manual Scraping is simply a feasible alternative because this is far from creative. Rather than wasting the entire day on clicking as well as pasting in front of a screen, 4 ways are there to get data at scale in the effective manner.

Web Scraping Tools

Click and scraping tools or screen scraping are the easiest ways of extracting the web. Five reasons are there to support this claim:

  • Costing, timing, and resource-effective. You can produce 100,000 data points in less than $USD 100.
  • In-built features for bypassing anti-scraping web architecture. Contemporary websites use anti-bots mechanisms on sites to discourage data scrapers from gathering data. Good web scraping tools deal with anti-bot tools as well as provide a smoother scraping experience.
  • No programming understanding is needed. You just need to understand how to click.
  • Scalable. You could extract 1100, or million pages depending on your requirements without worrying too much about network bandwidths & infrastructure.

Allow you to extract anywhere, anytime, i.e. you could perform scraping with local machine and also you can utilize their clouding infrastructure.

In-house Scraping Developers

In case, your requirements are very complex to get handled by the “click and scrape” data extraction tool, you need to think about building the in-house team of data engineers and developers to Extract, Transform as well as Load (ETL) data to database. This method is:

  • Highly customized as per your requirements
  • Fully flexible and controllable
  • Costly as well as resource-intensive also as per needs

Data APIs for Collecting Data

Again, you require programming knowledge of using third-party data APIs, which offer you the targeted data. This can be utilized on-demand. It serves the objective well however, with increase in data requirements, the costing increase also. Moreover, you don’t need to customize data.

One-Stop Data Services

An option of utilizing data scraping tools or hiring web developers is outsourcing your web scraping requirements. Many IT service companies are there that would deal with your web requirements. They’ll would utilizing one of the given methodologies. Depending on your budget or requirements, you might instruct them to select your ideal method.

How to Extract Mobile App Data?

You could try tools including Appium, Bluestacks, Selendroid, Nox emulator as well as run in a cloud for performing mobile app data scraping. However, it is not that easies as it looks. Extracting one application could be done using reverse engineering as well as detecting the traffic. However, extraction at scale has many challenges in case, you do that to your own. Many cloud providers benefit you VMs for running your software however, android app emulators are VMs. Therefore, VM yields awful performance. That’s what you could do to extract mobile apps:

Extract the PWA Version of a Mobile App, If That Exists

Various common mobile apps have the web version also. Like Amazon, Walmart, Quora, Indeed, etc. you can extract these sites very easily. Good web scraping tools offer the pre-built templates to scrape well-known websites. You could customize them also.

Outsourcing Mobile Apps Extraction Services

Outsourcing companies offering app extraction services have good experience of handling the challenges associated with web scrapping as well as can make the journey smoother.

Is Web Scraping Legal?

Yes, web scraping is legal you don’t violate any privacy. The LinkedIn vs. HiQ court has shut all the voices regarding extraction being illegal. Extracting data behind the login walls is related to extracting public data. However, if you do scraping without permission then it is unethical because it violates the privacy laws.

Best Available Web Scraping Tools

Python is the most well-known scraping language. Scrapy, another Python framework to do web scraping is having 39.8k Stars given on Github. Retailgators is highly customizable as well as even offers pre-built templates as well as nearly all the features of the ideas SaaS tool to scrape the web.

This is the list of the Best Web Scraping tools you must know:

  • Diffbot
  • Mozenda
  • Retailgators
  • Parsehub
  • Scrapinghub
  • UiPath
  • WebHarvy

Best open-source tools to do web scraping:

  • Apache Nutch
  • BS4
  • PySpider
  • Scrapy
  • StormCrawler
How Retailgators Can Help?

Retailgators Scraper is the Click & Scrape data scraping tool. You can immediately start extracting data in seconds as well as “turn different webpages into well-structured spreadsheets”.

Why Should You Use Retailgators Scraper?
  • Carefully documented
  • Controls websites using dynamic JavaScript
  • Email & call support
  • Offers IP rotation to handle anti-scraping technologies
  • Pre-built templates for scraping websites
  • Scrape using Cloud as well as stop thinking about network infrastructure setup, bandwidth, etc.

For more details, contact Retailgators or ask for a free quote!