In today’s business world, tools of scraping e-commerce data scraping tools have got immense popularity across the world as the competition amongst e-commerce businesses is getting substantial every year as most online store owners are using new methods and tools for improving their sales.

Many store owners are using e-commerce data extraction tools to monitor customers’ behaviors and competitors’ activities, which can help them maintaining their effectiveness and increase sales. In case, you haven’t understood how to use e-commerce data scraping tools in the best way, just go through these finest uses of them to grow your business.

Best Uses of E-commerce Data Scraping Tools

1) Price Monitoring


Price monitoring is amongst the most important aspects, which affect customers’ purchasing interest. Around 87% of the online shoppers suggest that pricing is the most vital purchasing element, followed by speed and shipping cost. That research indicates a future customer won’t hesitate leaving your store in case, the prices don’t match with their expectations.

In addition, as per the AYTM study, 78% of the shoppers compare pricing between more than two brands, then for for the lowermost price. Having easy access to different free online pricing comparison tools, the online shoppers could easily see prices of a particular item in dozens of websites and companies.

It is important for different online business owners to get an e-commerce data scraping tool for scraping price data from different price comparison Apps and competitors. Unless, it’s expected that you would get a hard time getting new customers as you don’t understand how and when to adjust priced to deal with price-sensitive customers.

2) Competitor Analysis


We all are well-aware that improving shipping services is one more solution for increasing sales. 56% of the online sellers provide free shipping automatically, doesn’t matter what the buying product or price is.

Many online sellers utilize free shipping like a marketing strategy for nudging people to purchase from them. For instance, it’s very common that clients are more ready to spend $100 on the product having free shipping compared to buying a $90 product, which takes $10 as a shipping charge. Besides that, we can observe different examples of purchasing more products for reaching the free-shipping offer in the everyday life.

You may utilize an e-commerce data extraction tool to get how many your competitors are providing free shipping services. Because a tool could easily extract and collect data in the real-time. Here, if they don’t offer any free shipping services, you can draw customers by providing it.

3) Client Sentiment Analysis


Understanding how the competitors’ audiences are feeling about brands or products offers you with required context for evaluating your communication and marketing strategy. No other tools are there, which can assist you in gaining such data except e-commerce web scraping tools.

The customer sentiments, which you collect from the competitors would assist you know the insights about why contestants’ clients leave them. Having interactions and comments extracted from the competitors’ stores as well as social media, you would understand what customers wish from products that features customers’ miss, likes and dislikes.

To outperform your competitors, you job will be to identify all the remarks, get conclusions, adjust the marketing strategy, as well as a product in the end.


As you know how to utilize e-commerce data scraping tools for helping you develop your business as well as which the best options are. What perceptions you can gain from data is a different story. To get opportunities, you’ll need to have the capability of doing data analysis as well as visualize data. Else, the data is only a pile of the cold figures and gives no values to the business. You may try some easy analysis methods to know the users with data analysis.

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